Kuldhara Village Jaisalmer‎

The story of Kuldhara is a well-known yet unfathomable legend. Located at a distance of about 18 km from Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is a village that lies abandoned since the 1800s. According to folklore, the Kuldhara villagers used to pay their taxes to an unscrupulous minister, Salim Singh. On a visit to the town, the minister’s eyes fell on the beautiful daughter of the village chief. Laying a claim on the girl, the minister threatened to impose exaggerated taxes on the villagers if he couldn’t marry the girl. To save his daughter from the tyrannical minister, the chief of the village, as well as the chiefs of 84 other villages in the town, decided to leave Kuldhara. Within one night, 85 villages full of people were abandoned, and till date, no one knows where they went, for no one actually saw them leave. Kuldhara remains in the state it was when it was abandoned, and creates an eerie ambiance for all those who visit to see the remains of so many lives and homes, the occupants of which vanished overnight

17 kilometers from Jaisalmer, nestles a town called Kuldhara, which was once prosperous but now, it lies in ruins and all that is left are various open houses in the state of despair. At first sight, this curse ghost town, Kuldhara, gets the thinking caps on and immediately increases people's faith in metaphysical and the paranormal activities. The story goes like this, Once this village was home to around 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins, which has lived in this community for more than five centuries peacefully and comfortable. But one night, the entire population, including 85 villages, vanished overnight in the dark and left it with a curse that still haunts it. And nobody knows where they left. For centuries, people have been thinking about what might be the reason that the people fled overnight.

Rumors say that Salim Singh, the evil prime minister, who was known for his sinister practice of collecting the tax, set his eyes on a girl of Paliwal Brahmins and decided to marry without her consent. Salim Singh threatened the village that if the marriage doesn't happen, villagers will face the worse consequences. Instead of giving approval, the villagers asked for some time and then left their houses overnight. But before living, they cursed the village that nobody can inhabit the villages ever. Some stories even say that heavy taxes were levied on Paliwal community and as a result, they had no option, but to vacate and just disappear from the reach of the ruler. Even after so many years of this accident, the village remains true to the curse as residents of Jaisalmer tried to stay here but they didn't succeed.