Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is a must- visit in the Rajasthan state. If you visit the ‘Golden City’, then it is a must that enjoy a Desert Safari because if you do not explore the vast Thar on a camel’s back, you really miss all the fun. Visiting the Sam Sand Dunes is the highlight of Jaisalmer tour.

It is generally said that the best time for a camel safari is before sunset, between 4-6 PM or before sunrise, between 4-6 AM. During these hours, you experience the best warmness of the local people and the sight is no less than a carnival. Notice the children and the camel owners, clad in their traditional clothes. Though there are still such portions of the desert that are still untouched but offer a memorable experience.

Placed at a distance of 42-45 km from the main city, these dunes are simply a delight. The road leading to sam sand dunes is very well-maintained by theIndian Arm forces.Regarded as top 10 must see tourist destinations in Rajasthan by Lonely Planet,the sand dunes of Jaisalmer is a rare desert area, lying on the borders of Jaisalmer Desert National Park. Either hop onto a camel’s back or opt for a jeep safari.