Thar Heritage Museum, Jaisalmer

the Thar Heritage Museum is a historical reservoir. L Narayan was an eminent scholar of the Jaisalmer folklore. The museum not just tells you the times of Jaisalmer but also showcases the rich culture, heritage, folk art and architectural style of Rajasthan. It has a fascinating assortment of Jaisalmer artifacts, fossils, instruments, displays of types of kitchen equipment, turbans, birth & death customs and a lot more.

Apart from this, the museum houses a unique sea fossil collection, documents, postcards, coins, ornaments of the desert horses, ships, manuscripts, and weapons. Collections of sea fossils will tell us how the land once a sea eventually became the Thar Desert. The museum also engages its visitors with the snakes and ladder game and an amiable puppet show narrated by Shri L.N Khatri, who is also the curator of the museum, presents the spirit of the Rajasthani culture. It is a unique amalgamation of the history and heritage of Thar. The nearby attractions where one can pay a visit after the Thar Heritage Museum are Jaisalmer folklore museum, Jaisalmer fortress, and the Silkroute art gallery